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Seems like management has changed. I went there a couple years ago and was not happy. I decided to give them another chance. First contact was very respectful. They went out of there way to make me feel like I was in the right place. Not too many people are knowledgeable about the Jaguar air suspension system. It’s complicated with many parts. Just like any business, acquiring parts can be a nightmare. The insurance adjuster didn’t want to give enough for parts, New parts would have been over $6000.00 and he wanted to total the car. I wanted the car fixed. He agreed to fix it with used parts if the body shop would agree to it. They said they would. I would have settled for any parts they could get, but they didn’t. They acquired OEM parts and installed them. It was not their fault that the parts didn’t work. They had to order new parts and do all the work over and didn’t even charge for it. They even worked with me on my deductible. I paid $300.00. They seen that my front tires were bad and put really nice used tires on at no charge. It’s hard to find a business with integrity, but that’s what you will find at Auto Body Connection in Pahrump, Nevada. I definitely recommend this business and give them an A rating

Rob McElwain

I had a custom paint job done on my Mustang and it looks fantastic. I had it done in Grabber Blue with Black racing Strips. Looks as good if not better than factory work.

Tom Knapik

I came to Auto Body Connection based on a friend’s recommendation after having a less than pleasant experience at one of their competitors. What a difference! The customer service at Auto Body Connection was great. My car was done when they promised it, at the price promised and the communication was great during the process. No one likes to get a car fixed, but Hailey and her team made it as pain free as possible. I’m a fan.


If I had to choose one word to describe Auto Body Connection, it would be excellence! From the minute, I walked into their facility I knew I was in the right place. I mean come on! How many businesses do you know where the owner of the business walks out of her office to personally greet you and let you know that you will be taken care of. If you need to have your vehicle repaired and want to leave somewhere, you absolutely know you are going to be treated in a professional manner. Auto Body Connection is the place for you!


Dear Hailey, I wanted to formally express my gratitude to you as a person as well as to your company for being such a help to me with my car. My car repairs were done in a timely and professional manner, which exceeded my expectations. The little goofy, black Honda actually looks better now than BEFORE the accident! There are times in life when a circumstance or situation really gives one pause for thought and contemplation. The accident and the events surrounding it, including miraculously my not being injured, has really adjusted my thinking in terms of how we are not nearly as alone as we may feel that we are sometimes. Your good nature and generosity has instilled a sense of warm belief in me, which I will never forget. I hope that you and your business continue to successfully grow and to prosper. I will keep you in mind and advertise your company to anyone and everyone who I may find needs collision services.
Warmest regards and appreciation.


I had only had my Challenger for two weeks when I was rear-ended. I made it very clear to the insurance company and the shop that I wanted parts as new as my vehicle from Dodge. The insurance really didn’t want to give me all new parts but the shop kept calling, taking pictures and getting documentation from the dealership. I got the parts I wanted and no one could even tell I was in an accident.


We just moved to Pahrump less than a year ago. When our VW window came crashing down, we were not looking forward to driving all the way to Las Vegas with our window down. We called Auto Body Connection and they told us it was probably the regulator. They ordered the part right from VW and got it installed in a few hours. We couldn’t believe they did it so quickly and for such a great price! No need to go to the dealership with them in our town.


I have been taking my vehicles to Auto Body Connection for years. Last time my son was driving my Kia, when someone hit him. My son was a school teacher and I had just undergone a surgery and wasn’t allowed to drive. Hailey came down to my house with the paperwork and drove the car back. A week later she brought it back looking like new and sparkling clean. They even restored my headlights as a customer thank you. Now my car runs great. If you ever need anything done on your car take it to them.


I am so glad I took the time to come here. I had gotten an estimate from another shop in town to repair a door ding, courtesy of our local Walmart parking lot, for a few hundred bucks and they would need a few days for it. I decided to see if Auto Body Connection was any better and they told me they could fix the ding without painting, for under a hundred bucks. I had my car back in half a day and they even picked me up when I couldn’t find a ride. Now I don’t have to look at that eyesore anymore and still have money in my pocket. Thanks ABC!


Customer service is something that is sorely missing in our world today but the folks at Auto Body Connection do business the old school way. The insurance company of the guy that hit me was not the greatest but these guys took me from A to Z and made sure I got my car fixed correctly and in a timely fashion. They even called the insurance company with me to set up the claim!! I wish every company I deal with, approached things the way ABC does. I can’t recommend them highly enough to reflect how awesome they really are!!


These guys are awesome. The customer service is outstanding. It is sad to say I have used them 2 times already this year. The fact that they went out of their way with their extraordinary pick up service. I live out past Bell Vista and I don’t know what I would have done without them. The repairs on my car were excellent. Hailey is a very down-to-earth and truthful person (you cant trust too many people). I will always use them in my time of need. They are just so convenient with all the services they have to offer. I am grateful to them for recognizing people like me – a single mom who has no extra time on my hands and needs a little extra help. Keep up the great work, you will always have a customer in me.


Dear Hailey, Thank you so much for repairing my car bumpers. It was a pleasant surprise to see the rear bumper all pretty & painted. I really appreciate all you did for me. Your kindness will not go unnoticed. Thanks again


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